Back to School Vibes

Laptop HERE // Tee Shirt HERE // Blazer HERE // Leggings HERE // Shoes HERE // Watch HERE HERE and HERE // Bracelets HEREHERE and HERE // Backpack HERE //

Happy Wednesday! After using it over a period of time, I’m back one more time to talk about the HP Spectre. The laptop itself inspired creativity and gave me so much inspiration just with how well designed it was. I’ve previously talked before about how much I love working on the Spectre. Over time I can honestly say it is a great laptop and makes my work flow go a lot smoother. The machine runs beautifully, and is actually pretty fast. It has been a struggle for me having slow running laptops, especially while editing photos. Traveling with it is a breeze because it is so light and you can easily put it anywhere. I get so many compliments on it too! 

I love matching my accessories to my laptop, I’m a sucker for the rose gold. My husband often makes fun of me for doing so, but seriously how could I not? 


The HP Spectre has reinvented my work flow and I’m so grateful! If you have a Spectre I would love to hear what you think!

Good luck to all of those going back to school this week!


*This post is sponsored by HP*