Bora Bora 3/17

Bora Bora 3/17



Jordan and I both decided that this year would be the year we travel a ton. Bora Bora has been at the top of our bucket list for awhile, so we decided we would start there first. For Christmas, instead of buying each other gifts, we booked our hotel and plane tickets for this trip. We had been planning this trip for awhile, and well, best trip ever. 


We flew SLC to LAX, LAX to Tahiti (via AIR TAHITI) it was roughly a 9-hour flight, and was actually a really comfortable flight. We took one more flight from Tahiti to Bora Bora (55 min flight). When we arrived in Bora Bora we were immediately star struck by how blue the water is. it really is SO blue and so clear! The airport was teeny tiny, hot and humid. We were exhausted from travels and our hotel picked us up via boat right at the front of the airport. Jordan and I did a lot of research into which resort we would stay at. After much research, we decided to go with the Four Seasons because it seemed that it had the best view and reviews. Let's be honest, they had the best of everything. They did not disappoint. The Four Seasons greeted us with leis, grabbed all of our luggage for us, and escorted us to the boat. They provided cold towels (they smelled SO good), and cold water, which was so nice after a long day of traveling! The pictures above really go in sequential order from what I started to see right when I got off the plane. The boat ride to the resort was so amazing, everywhere we looked we were amazed and having "pinch me" moments at how beautiful everything was. We arrived at the Four Seasons, and we could not wait to see our water bungalows! We arrived in the morning around 10 am, and unfortunately, we couldn't check in until 3 pm. They were so good about stowing our luggage, giving us a room to refresh and change, and providing us with beverages and refreshments to comfort us until our room was ready. 

Finally, when 3 pm rolled around, they had a little golf cart pick us up and drive us to our water bungalows. Seriously amazing. We were welcomed with drinks and cute treats. The room was absolutely incredible. There was glass on the floors by the bathtub and another one in the bathroom to see the ocean. At night when I would take baths, there would be fish under our bungalow swimming around on the top of the water and I could see them from the bathtub. It was so fun and entertaining. The bed was heaven. The whole set up was nice. It was so fun to be able to jump off the back deck into the ocean and swim around. The resort provided us with floaties, life vests, and snorkels for our room free of charge. Which we absolutely used every single day. 

The food was so great while we were there. Every morning they had a breakfast buffet with endless options. They had a ton of fruit, pastries, and bread, cheeses, and meats, fresh juices, really anything you could think of. Jordan's favorite part was the coconut milk that was available to drink, straight from the coconut. We did go and explore the main island and eat at a few places over there. There's not a ton over there to eat at, but our favorite was Bloody Mary's. It was really cute and had a cool vibe. The Four Seasons itself had one restaurant for breakfast. For lunch, they had a cool little place on the beach that you could eat at, or you could order food poolside. They also had two other restaurants for dinner. One was a specialty sushi place, and the other had a variety of food. Both were really delicious. 


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The pool, as you can see, was stunning. The water was SO warm. It was usually 79-83 degrees. They had little huts by the pool that you could use for the day for free. It was first come, first serve. It was lined with pillows and towels. It was so nice to escape the sun for a minute and take a little snooze. The hotel also offered complimentary sunscreen and aloe vera, which was nice. 


I wish I would have discovered the spa earlier in my trip. Why? Guys, it was the BEST thing about the resort. I don't think many people knew about the spa, which is why I was the only person there. First of all, you can use the amenities there for free all day. There's a relaxation room, basically a room with mini beds where you can just take a nap in a dark room. Yeah, it was amazing. They also have a steam room, shower, and a hot tub. Hot tub? Oh, I mean infinity hot tub looking out at the most amazing view. 

We also booked massages, and they were amazing! It was so cool because we got to look at a little coral reef with a bunch of fish while we were getting our massages :) 

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One of my favorite parts about The Four Seasons resort was the lagoon. They had the best snorkeling ever. So many different varieties of fish. The concierge right by the lagoon that had floaties and snorkeling masks for you to use. They would also give you bread to feed the fish while snorkeling, which would literally make the fish just swarm around you. It was really neat. I may or may not have tested to see how water resistant my iPhone 7 really was to take some of these photos. Guess what? My phone is doing great. Haha.


The beach was incredible and super close to the pool so you could still get poolside food and drinks. The beach has knee deep water for...ever. I walked so far out and couldn't really find the spot where it went deeper than my thighs. There are seashells everywhere. Get up early and swim wade through the water to the little private island. It had the best seashells wash up overnight. We found so many goodies over there!

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It was such a fun place. It was so fun to have friends join us as well. Thank you Four Seasons Bora Bora for everything! Until next time <3


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