HP Spectre Design

Hey everyone! Today I’m so excited to be partnering up with HP to show you the new HP Spectre. If you personally know me you know that I’m all about beautiful design. This is the prettiest laptop I’ve ever seen! From the rose gold details to the artfully crafted piston hinge, I can’t express enough how sophisticated the design of the Spectre is. It even has matching accessories. It has a wireless mouse with a rose gold bottom, and a case with a rose gold zipper. 

I travel a ton for photography jobs. I'm always on the go and editing everywhere I am. I always bring my laptop with me, but it feels like a brick compared to the Spectre.. It is so thin and light, you barely notice it’s there. I’m so glad I have the Spectre for my travels now to better my travel experience. The Spectre also has a hybrid battery so the battery power lasts longer, which is always a plus. I feel like my laptop dies so fast, especially while traveling.

I’m really impressed with the Spectre and I hope you are as well. Stay tuned for a few more posts about what I think about the Spectre, and what I use it for.  Happy Wednesday! 

This post is sponsored by *HP